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Ballybay Flood Defence

Client: Monaghan Co Co

Consultant: OCSC

Location: Ballybay, Co. Monaghan

Brief Overview:
The project involved the construction of a new bridge/culvert to facilitate the existing river flows in the centre of Ballybay town. Both insitu and precast concrete works were completed at this site with extensive water management.

Key Elements:

  • Traffic Management design and implementation
  • Water mangement by means of pumps and 1050 dia pipes. Ongoing liaison with IFI throughout the works
  • Extensive site clearance works through river bed
  • Identification of japanese Knotweed and removal off site by specialist contractor
  • Bulk Excavation using significant temporary works to accommodate construction
  • Construction of bases and Walls in situ
  • Precast units placed to roof with over slab cast to complete culvert
  • Wingwalls constructed and rock armour polaced to emnabkments
  • Construction of Foul Pumping Station adjacent to the works
  • Utility Diversions including watermains and Foul pump line.
  • Temporary Works to ensure structural stability
  • Road planing and resurfacing
  • Masonry Walls for flood defence measures
  • Landscaping Works complete