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Clonmel Inner Relief Road

Project:        Clonmel Inner Relief Road Pavement           Improvememt Scheme

 Client:         Tipperary County Council

Location:   N24, Clonmel


Brief Overview:

 Works along 6km of the N24 Inner Relief Road with up to 22,000 AADT. 


Key Elements

  • Traffic management design and implementation. The works involved constant liaising with the local authorities and a significant presence from Glas on site due to the number of roundabouts in close proximity and the traffic levels. Works on all roundabouts took place at night due to the traffic levels during the day. While completing the works Glas also had several horse racing meetings (the racecourse is directly on the by-pass) and coursing events also held which resulted in a significant increase in traffic at those times.
  • Contractor designed drainage system and installation (750m). the documents outlined a kerb drainage system which was designed by Glas and installed along part of the route.
  • Excavation and new drainage work.
  • Milling of the existing surfacing for 6 roundabouts and circa 6km of the N24. Milling works varied from 45mm to 215mm depending on the area.
  • Excavation and trimming formations.
  • Surfacing works including HRA (25000m2), SMA 60 PSV (40,000m2) and 65PSV (18000m2).
  • Over 1000m2 of concrete works including footpaths, entrances and crossings at the roundabouts
  • Over 300m2 of paved surfaces completed at the roundabouts.
  • Road markings and studs over 6km
  • Reflective Bollards installed at the roundabouts
  • Electrical works completed at the roundabouts.