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Cragg Burial Ground

Project:        Cragg Burial Ground

Client:         Tipperary County Council

Designer:    Tipperary County Council

Location:    Ballinyard, Newport, Co Tipperary


Brief Overview:

The work comprised of the reconstruction of boundary stone walls and associated siteworks. The associated sitework included drainage, fencing, railings and all reinstatements.



Key Elements


  • All excavation work was undertaken under the supervision and monitoring by the appointed project archaeologist. Glas liaised with the Regional Fisheries Environmental officer with respect to works in the environment of the stream.


  • The burial ground was elevated by approximately 2m along its Southern boundary and portion of the retaining stone wall had collapsed into the adjacent small stream. The proposed work included part replacement and part reinforcing of the existing stone wall.


  • The works undertaken included the reconstruction of the Southern wall, c 44m long, and also the portion of wall which returns Northwards at the South Eastern corner of the burial ground.


  • The collapsed 12m length of wall was removed by Tipperary Coco and sand bagging contained and protected the burial ground. This 12m length and the 11m portion length of wall was reconstructed retained the 2m elevated burial ground.


  • Galvanised guard railing 1100mm high were installed , with 1 no midrail, post at 1.2m centres with baseplates and fixed by rawlbolting to newly constructed rc wall, posts and rails.


  • In addition to the protection of the protected burial ground in the course of the works, the adjacent stream also need protection during the construction