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Headfort Bridge

Project:        Remedial works at Headfort Bridge

Client:         Meath County Council

Location:    Headfort, Co Meath


Brief Overview:


Headfort Bridge is a nine-span stone masonry arch bridge. A protected structure located in an SAC.

The works involved the removal and replacement of a collapsed section of wing and parapet wall with a masonry clad RC structure, along with the remedial works to bridge parapets, spandrels and cut waters.


Key Elements

  • Excavation in or adjacent to existing watercourses. The works were located in EU designated Special Areas of Conservation and Natural Habitat Area.
  • Insitu concrete works in both heavily watered and marine areas.
  • Construction and repair of masonry bridge parapets using lime mortar techniques
  • Construction of reinforced concrete retaining and Parapet clad in masonry
  • Construction of new road pavement
  • Traffic management on National Roads in rural and urban areas
  • Dealing with services including electricity, telecommunications, traffic signal equipment, water, waste water and gas.
  • Consultations with NPWS, IFI and an Gardaí