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Kayak Pass & Slalom Course Clonmel

Project:        Kayak Pass & Slalom Course Clonmel

Client:         Tipperary County Council

Designer:    Tipperary County Council

Location:    Lady Blessingtons Baths, Clonmel


Brief Overview:

The 250m long Slalom Course located at Suir Island in Clonmel is the longest, purposed-built slalom course in Ireland and home to Ireland’s national team.

The works involved the placement of a purpose designed reinforced concrete kayak pass on the existing Lady Blessington’s Weir and down-stream purpose designed slalom course with associated access steps and ancillary items to upgrade the section of the Suir for the promotion of recreational use of the natural amenity.


Key Elements

  • Import of suitable temporary fill material to facilitate access the existing weir adjustment works.
  • Excavation to suitable formation of the river bed adjacent to the existing weir;
  • Installation of a reinforced concrete base.
  • Installation of prescribed rock amour.
  • Backfilling of the weir structure with compacted suitable approved fill material;
  • Excavation at upstream and downstream locations for provision of access/egress concrete steps;
  • Construction of reinforced concrete steps; fixing of steel, formwork and placing concrete.
  • Construction of detailed rock armour obstacles on the river bed to provide slalom effect ;
  • Drilling and anchoring 6 wall brackets on the southern bank (right bank) flood defence wall.