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Kickham Barracks Clonmel

Project:        Kickham Barracks Development

Client:         Tipperary County Council

Location:    Dillon St/Davis Road, Clonmel


Brief Overview:

Kickham Barracks, formerly known as Clonmel Barracks, is physically in the heart of Clonmel , and was established on the current site in the late 18th century. After 230 years of service, the Defence Forces of Ireland vacated the barracks in March 2012.

Tipperary County Council coordinated the redevelopment of the Barracks complex and surrounding streets.


Key Elements:

  • Demolition of existing buildings
  • Construction of a new public plaza (≈8500m2), new road construction (≈3400m2) and upgrade and re-construction of existing roads in Clonmel Town Centre.
  • Installation of new Architectural Canopy Feature (90m long), including extensive re-forced concrete foundation works.
  • Installation of High-Quality Hard landscaping including Natural Stone Paving as well as extensive soft landscaping
  • The removal of parts of the existing boundary wall along Dillon St and Davis Road and the construction of a new boundary treatments to open the site to access from Dillon St/ Davis Road.
  • Reconfiguration/improvement of the existing Cross St/Davis Road/ Dillon Street junction and on street parking by providing landscaped build-outs and pedestrian crossings with associated tactile paving.
  • Boundary treatments
  • Diversion and Installation of services for each stakeholder
  • Extensive service diversion including historic and modern Gas Mains and watermains. ESB Services, Foul and Surface Water Services.
  • New Services include watermains, public lighting foul sewer, CCTV, surface water, Gas, ESB.
  • Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) under the Health, Safety and welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations.