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Lynally Church

Project:        Lynally Church

Client:        Offaly County Council

Location:    Lynally, Co Offaly


Brief Overview:

Lynally was once a major ecclesiastical area and was founded by St Colman Elo in 590AD, the site is a National Monument. The core of the surviving church is a simple rectangle with antae and dating from the 10th or 11th century.

The conservation works were undertaken to stabilise the now ruined Church and boundary wall and prevent further deterioration of the site.


Key Elements

  • Vegetation removal,
  • Repointing with NHL Mortar at various locations throughout the building.
  • Localised masonry repair with NHL Mortar
  • Dowelling and Grouting
  • Temporary propping of the west gable wall to allow for repointing, grouting, stitching of overhanging masonry and limited rebuilding in stone masonry. Grouting works were completed using an NHL based grout.