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N51 Slane Retaining Wall Rehabilitation





Project:      N51 Slane Retaining Wall Rehabilitation

Client:        Meath Co. Co.

Designer:    RPS

Location:   Slane Co. Meath

Brief Overview: The scheme included Wall refurbishment works and masonry repairs to existing retaining wall including drainage, fencing, structural repair and masonry replacement works at Main St. Slane N51.


Key Elements:

  • PSCS role for the duration of the works.
  • Install Traffic/Pedestrian Management making site safe. TTM plan approved by TII/MCC in advance.
  • Including taking in charge the existing set-up and upgrading/utilising same with a back-up arrangement of a road closure/diversion set up which may be introduced on a rolling basis during works period.
  • Excavation and disposal to licensed tips.
  • Removal and preparing for re-use existing masonry stone.
  • Removal of wall sections for complete rebuild, including some isolated sections.
  • Incorporation of rounded masonry capping.
  • Incorporation of drainage works.
  • Upper level fencing and drainage channel
  • Masonry repairs rebuild and re-pointing to areas to
  • damaged/collapse and extended areas to include existing sections and rear wall rectification.
  • Repointing to wall generally all in lime mortar;
  • This work is completed on receipt of detailed design from RPS/TII- Under Phase
  • Managing the works in a rural heritage area and a habitat friendly capacity.