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Stagmount N72

Project:       Stagmount Bends  Road Improvement

Client:         Kerry County Council

Location:    Stagmount, Rathmore, Co Kerry


Brief Overview:

The N72 Stagmount Bends Road Improvement Scheme involved the construction of a realigned section of roadway approximately 1.2km in length commencing 6.5km west of Rathmore, in the townland of Gortnahaneboy West and terminating approximately 1.2km further east in the townland of Gortnahaneboy East, Rathmore, Co. Kerry.

The existing section of road had a single carriageway cross-section without hard-shoulders and had both a poor horizontal and vertical alignment due to the fact that it was a legacy route and therefore had no defined geometric design.  

Key Elements

  • Bulk excavation of 60,000m3
  • New Road Construction of 1.2km
  • Fencing along site boundary
  • Drainage installation
  • Upgrade of Utility ducts
  • Traffic Management
  • Landscaping works
  • Replacement of watermain sections