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Carlingford Castle

Project:        Carlingford Castle – Improvement works

Client:          OPW

Designer:    OPW

Location:    Carlingford Co. Louth


Brief Overview:

King John’s Castle, also known as Carlingford Castle, is an enclosure castle and National Monument located in Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland. The scope of the scheme included a number of modern interventions to the building fabric as well as number of repairs to the castle


Key Elements:

  • PSCS role for the duration of the works.
  • Hard landscaping – >500m2 of paving – concrete & stone including Wicklow granite, pigmented polished concrete (to bespoke colours) and rounded limestone cobble.
  • Provision of new electrical installations for internal and external lighting work. Electrical works included the lighting up of the new footways, rails, galleries, flood lighting, access bridges and viewing areas.
  • Cabling and duct work for all new installations including upgrades to existing storm water and interface with existing utilities on the site-water, storm water, wastewater, ESB .
  • Construction of new polished concrete surfaces inside and outside the castle.
  • Extensive bespoke structural steel access facilities were constructed, to include purpose made simply supported gallery structure, access stairs, rails, access bridges and access portal.
  • Installation of metal ramps, stairs, gallery, handrails and other components.
  • Installation of new information signs
  • Rebuilding of masonry wall using lime mortars. Works included lime mortar masonry repair of existing high heritage importance walls.
  • Access improvement works were performed with concrete footways installed all around and throughout the castle as well as associated soft landscaping works.