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Old Kilcarn Bridge Rehabilitation

Client: Meath Co Co

Location: Navan Co. Meath

Brief Overview:
This project involved the filling of scour holes with suitable material to allow the bridge to be re-opened to pedestrian traffic. The works initially involved building a temporary causeway in the river Boyne to gain access to the site of the scour holes. The works also involved stabilisation of the existing piers and abutments, and repairs to the bridge deck.

Key Elements:

  • Traffic Management design and implemtnation in a busy urban environment
  • Construction works in or over large bodies of water under guidance from IFI
  • Construction/restoration on masonry arch structures using lime mortar
  • Construction works in areas that are environmentally sensitive
  • Filling of Scour holes
  • Concrete skirts to 6 no piers
  • Deveging of Structure
  • Masonry repairs and rebuilding
  • Grouting to the structure- >50m3